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Fertilizer for Peppers by BigAss Pepper Fertilizer – 100% Organic (12 oz pouch)


Fertilizer for Peppers!

Grow Crisp and Healthy Peppers: With the Big Ass organic fertilizer, your peppers will grow bigger, more delicious and crispier than ever! Rich in nutrients, our fertilizer is specially formulated to replenish the root with nutrients and promote optimal development!

Organic Proprietary Blend: Our organic fertilizer for vegetables uses a patent-pending proprietary blend of organic ingredients with no harsh fillers, additives, or nasties, specially selected to support normal plant growth.

Packed with Nutrients: The fertilizer for vegetable garden contains powerful nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, manganese, vitamins and minerals, as well as natural kelp and humic acid that join forces to help your peppers grow rich and full of vitality!

Suitable for All Types of Peppers: This organic pepper fertilizer is specially formulated to contribute to the normal development and growth of all kinds of peppers in your garden including bell pepper (green, red or sweet), serrano pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper and much more.

High-Solubility Formula: The Big Ass gardening fertilizer is available in a highly soluble powder formula that’s quickly absorbed by the plant and easy to use. The fertilizer comes in a 13.5oz resealable bag, ideal for indoor and outdoor pepper gardens.

BigAss Fertilizers specializes in premium fertilizers and plant foods meant to nourish your plants and help you obtain high yields! Our products are formulated with highly nutritious ingredients carefully chosen to infuse your plants with powerful nutrients and help them thrive in any conditions! Are you experiencing any issues with your order? There is no need to worry because we are always at your disposal to address any concerns.

Organic Fertilizer Specially Developed for Delicious and Crispy Peppers

This premium organic fertilizer is what you need to achieve beautiful and plump peppers that everyone will envy! Packed with all the major and secondary nutrients and enriched by kelp and humic acid, this unique proprietary blend can help boost pepper production and sustain normal plant growth and development! The powder formula is very soluble to ensure fast nutrient delivery to the root and boost your pepper harvest!

Best Fertilizer for Pepper Plants

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

• Resealable 13.5oz bag;
• 100% organic ingredients;
• Rich in powerful nutrients, vitamins and minerals;
• Completed with kelp and humic acid;
• Premium patent-pending formulation;
• Can help promote plant growth and normal development;
• Fast absorption into the soil;
• Eco-friendly alternative to liquid fertilizers;
• Suitable for all types of peppers including bell pepper, Serrano pepper, cayenne, chili, habanero and more;

Your peppers will grow big and full of nutrients with our organic pepper fertilizer!

Directions For Use

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