Ludicrous Nutrients

Bloom Fertilizer by Ludicrous Nutrients - Use During Blooming/Flowering Phase (500 grams)

Size of Container: 500 Grams

Bloom fertilizer designed to give your cannabis plants a super potent formulation of nutrients that our team has developed from over 50 years in the industry to achieve optimal bloom and flowering.

  • Designed for the Flowering or Blooming Stage: The Ludicrous Bloom plant fertilizer indoor potted plants is the second step of our fertilizing system. Once your plants have passed the 4-week vegetative state mark, it’s time to help them flourish and bloom more beautifully than ever before.
  • No Hassle Product: To make sure you don’t have to deal with purchasing de-chlorinated water, our flower fuel bloom booster powder is engineered for an optimal pH level and balanced PPM that work well with regular city tap water too.
  • Low Carbon Imprint: Our bloom plant food comes has a dry powder formula shipped in 500g containers. Because we ship only the powder concentrate with no water, you can make sure the delivery is safer and more eco-friendly too.
  • Super Easy to Use: Add a single scoop of our super bloom fertilizer to 5 gallons of water (20l) and mix thoroughly until the powder is completely dissolved. Add the water mix to blooming plants (weeks 5-11) once a week and watch the magic happen.
  • Unique Formula: Unlike regular fertilizers, our patent-pending bloom booster fertilizer features a careful selection of nutrients to make sure your plants get everything they need for strong and beautiful flowers.

Ludicrous Nutrients is a trusted and well-experienced brand that focuses on developing innovative, cost-affordable plant fertilizers and nutrients which are meant to promote excellent plant growing results without compromising on safety. We rely only on carefully selected formulas and verified suppliers, in order to live up to every gardening enthusiast’s expectations. Not entirely happy with the results? Make sure to tell us all about it, and our customer care department will quickly address the situation!

Ludicrous Bloom – The Second Step in Your Plants’ Journey

Our bloom boost formula features a special mix of nutrients that provides your plants with everything they need to bloom spectacularly. Designed to be used during the second stage of the plant, this plant bloom booster is ready to feed your plants all the good stuff they need to flourish. The better bloom formula is patent-pending and very easy to use by simply dissolving the powder in plain water. Because we only ship the dry powder formula, we can make sure the product will arrive in excellent conditions at your doorstep, with no leaks. This also allows us to lower the carbon footprint of this product for a better environment.

Some features to keep in mind about our product:

Quantity: 500g
Designed to enhance the bloom, flowering, and yields
Suitable for the plant’s second stage (5-11 weeks)
Optimal pH and PPM balanced based on standard city tap water
Easy to use
Planet-friendly product with a low carbon footprint
Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants
Concentrated fertilizer

Choose our Ludicrous Bloom fertilizer and your special green plants will thank you!

Directions For Use

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